From the powerhouse nations of the United States and Russia, Adam Vazquez and Anton Makukhin combine their expertise to create an act that captures the quality and poise of hand-to-hand artistry. The sheer power and incredible finesse of Duo A&A’s breathtaking performances leave audiences in awe as two nations share the stage hand in hand.


Two-time award-winners of Kassel, Germany’s Flic Flac Festival der Artisten, and the recipients of the Bouglione family’s distinguished plaque for the record of standing ovations, Duo A&A will forever be humbly honored as the plaque is displayed in the halls of Paris’ prominent Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione, founded by Emperor Napolean III in 1852.


Highly regarded for their elegant execution of this physically intense act, Duo A&A has graced the stage in the world’s most renowned venues such as The Royal Theatre Carré, Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, Monte Carlo Sporting Club SBM & Hotel de Paris, and Dallas Symphony Hall. Show highlights include Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione, Circus Conelli, Wereldkerstcircus Carré, Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde, Circus Knie, Weltweihnachtscircus, Flic Flac Zirkus, Stuttgart’s 25th Anniversary Landespresseball, and Jubilee! Las Vegas.



Duo A&A would like to express their gratitude to these fellow artists

Martin St Pierre Kavanah Productions

Martin St. Pierre

Kavanah Productions


Musical genius, Martin St. Pierre, composed Duo A&A's rich, dramatic accompaniment that complements the duo's powerful aura with exquisite violin melodies and climactic percussion.

Stuart Goldschen Pen 'n Pixels

Stuart Goldschen

Pen 'n Pixels


Photographer and writer, Stuart Goldschen, has captured the strength and grace of Duo A&A in his numerous photos of Adam and Anton's compelling performances. 

Mikhail Matorin

DreamCast Entertainment


Duo A&A would like to thank former Cirque du Soleil artist and now owner and producer of DreamCast Entertainment, Mikhail Matorin, for his enduring support.

Fernando Quevedo

Q Productions


A big thank you to Fernando Quevedo, owner and producer of Q Productions, for the grand opening of ZzyZyx, A Cirque Experience, with Duo A&A.